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Fact #1

There are Over 411 Million Bacteria per Square Inch in a Dumpster and Trash Bin

Did you know that your dumpster and trash bin are major breeding ground for bacteria such as salmonella, e. Coli and listeria? Think for a minute about what you can actually place into your dumpster and trash bin - pet waste, newspapers, yard clippings, cans and bottles, disposable diapers, food packaging such as takeout cartons, vacuum cleaner contents, food remnants, including meat, fish and poultry. The list goes on... • is this the bacteria breeding ground that you really want to keep near your business and/or home?

Fact #2

We use Hot Water and 3 Times Less Water than a Manual Dumpster and Bin Cleaning

We know firsthand that spills occur, trash bags rip open, as well as "everything" nasty and gross is tossed into a trash bin or dumpster. "stuff" congeals, sticks everywhere, and puddles of unidentified "goo" collect at the bottom. Combine that with anything pet-related, plus heat, and you have just created something absolutely horrible, yet the perfect need for our services. Our goal is to provide an efficient, easily affordable, dumpster and curbside trash bin cleaning service while protecting clients from the hazards of bacteria and fungus commonly detected on, in and around unsanitary dumpsters or bins. We offer this service to make our community a cleaner, healthier place to live.

Fact #3

Did you know in most cities or counties, it is illegal to simply clean your dumpsters and trash bins and allow the wastewater to run-off into the storm drain or onto the road? By doing this, you are creating storm water pollution; this type of contaminated water destroys wildlife and wildlife habitats, which can contaminate our drinking water and damage our waterways. Grants xtreme clean uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and our trucks use a self-contained washing unit where we recycle our water with each wash.


Why Choose Grants Xtreme Clean?
  • We are a mobile cleaning service that specializes in the cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing of dumpsters, trash and recycle bins.
  • We are a mobile cleaning service that specializes in the cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing of dumpsters, trash and recycle bins. Our self-contained truck does all cleanings on-site. In addition to spraying 200˚water into bins, we use specially formulated detergents and degreasers to perform our cleanings.
  • Additionally, our truck has the capability to power wash other surfaces.
  • This includes common areas, driveways, walkways and siding.
  • We also power wash the exterior, undercarriage and wheels of dumpster.
  • Our process is proven to be more cost effective than manually cleaning creating a better solution to the problem.

Service Benefits
  • Our process uses 75% less water than a typical washing when a garden hose is used; and, we can thoroughly clean and disinfect your dumpster and/or trash bin during our eco-wash high-pressure, hot-water process. As a matter of fact, a diy task may use as much as, if not more than, 24 gallons of water and allows the wastewater to run down your street and into the storm drain.
  • Our customized truck heats the cleaning water to 200° to kill 99.9% of the harmful organisms like salmonella, e. Coli, staph and more.
  • Wherever you keep your bins (inside yard, garage, etc.), you'll never know they are there.
  • Clean bins prevent insects and rodents from bringing health hazards to your business and or home.
  • No run-off or excess water will be left on the ground or enter storm drains.

Proven services

Residential Service
Grants Xtreme Clean follows your weekly trash removal schedule. Our mobile units allow accessibility to most areas. Trucks are equipped with high pressure water washer with inner water circulation to clean trash bins inside and out. Grants Xtreme Clean recommends cleaning your trash/recycle bins at least twice per month.
Commercial Services
Most commercial customers are requesting a bi-weekly service. We would coordinate with the best time schedule for the routine cleaning. Grants XTtreme clean recommends cleaning your dumpsters at least twice per month.

Property Management and HOA’s
Make a major difference in the ‘curb appeal’ of your neighborhood’s homes or apartment buildings, while reducing odors and health risks from bacteria, pests and mosquitoes. Grants Xtreme Clean proudly assists hoa’s and its communities in maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.

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